Bernard and Fann (Married)


I never had the intention of joining any of these dating agencies. Maybe it was the perception that only desperate singles join such agencies prevented me from signing up with any of them.

I got myself involved with Lunch Actually through a Valentine’s Day Contest organized by them in 2007. As one of the lucky finalists, I had to undergo an interview with Lunch Actually. Through this interview, I learnt quite a bit more about the matchmaking process that Lunch Actually uses. I was surprised that the matchmaking process is actually a software using a scientific approach and not a random matching or done manually. In addition, there are also opportunities for the client to review and fine tune their criteria after each date.

This convinced me to give Lunch Actually a try and signed up as a member.

Filling up the details on my likes & dislikes was done smoothly with the guidance of a dating consultant. I must say that the Dating Consultants are very professional in their interaction with me. They are good listeners with a right level of empathy and are eager to share tips on how to improve our personality and personal life so that the client will have a better chance of hitting of with someone.

Fann was my first date that Lunch Actually arranged. Looking through the profile brief that I received about her, I was pleasantly surprised that she matched close to about 70% of my criteria. One of the things that I liked about Lunch Actually is that they arranged a comfortable and reasonable dinning place for you and making sure that it is quite discreet in order to avoid any embarrassment on your first blind date.

To cut the story short, both Fann and I hit off well and subsequently, we arranged for more dates by ourselves and soon our relationship developed. As of today, I am proud to announce that we are happily married to each other. Kudos to Lunch Actually!