Jason and Reina

“It’s Fate”

I didn’t expect my Ms Right to be her. I was very busy with my studies and joining a dating agency was the right choice. I went to each date thinking it was my chance to learn and to know more friends with different personality and career backgrounds. I didn’t expect too much and I just went with my natural self. Until finally, I found my Ms Right! The chance to meet Ms Right has increased because we wouldn’t have been matched if we didn’t join a dating agency. Many of my dating criteria are listed so the match will be closer to what I want. When I came to Lunch Actually, I understood how the dating consultants do screening and matching which made me feel interested.

When it comes to couple relationships, it depends on how much time we put and how much effort we put. We should be more down to earth and understand that your date is not only what you wanted but also what she wanted. Dating criteria shouldn’t be set on papers only because a person is three-dimensional. Thanks Lunch Actually!