Jerry and Kim (Married)

“One More Chance”

At the age of 38 years old, I have ended up a 10 years relationship. I told myself not to give up on having new love again. What I am concerned during that time is – I hardly meet up with new friends. And where can I go to look for the right person? Conclusion is I need to appoint someone professional to handle this for me.

I started up to search on website. There are a few agencies that I had listed down. But Lunch Actually caught my first impression. I decided to call up and fixed the first consultancy.
Believe me, making the first move is always the hardest thing to overcome. But I am glad I have made the right step.

Last year May 2010, I meet up my first date – Jerry. Now we had been together for more than 1 year. He is a sincere, caring and a considerate man. I never thought that I would be that lucky to have such a nice person with me. Thank you so much to Lunch Actually.