Marc and Annie (Married)

“Take A Chance!”

It was not the first match nor it was the second or third, it didn’t matter anymore. I didn’t expect anything during my last date and I just thought of it as a normal dinner with a friend and I would have never expected that he would become my future husband. It’s fate! Our lives are busy and without Lunch Actually, it would be difficult to expand our social circle. My colleagues are all girls and we can’t go on dating because of our work commitments. I joined some dating companies before and I did a comparison. I think the people I knew through Lunch Actually are more reliable because the dating consultants did a careful screening and not just let clients meet right after making a payment just for the sake of making a match.

I think from being single, to being married and to having a family happen because of a chance. Meeting someone from an agency can ensure the quality of a person that we are going to meet. Otherwise, we can just meet other singles from our own circle of friends or colleagues. Provided with a chance, we also need to learn how to get along with each other. Even though some has good qualities and values, if they don’t take chances, it’s difficult to meet the right person. We attended marriage counseling and shared many thoughts. I learned that if you get married having the wrong motivation, it won’t last long because you may intentionally lower your requirements and eventually be with someone you can hardly accept. Just be positive and always take a chance!