Meng Tjun & Siew Keng

“She is the one…”

We have tried various dating site and agencies but without any success but we are truly blessed to have found each other through brilliant Lunch Actually website.

To cut a long story short, we have been almost inseparable since our first meeting and follow up with movie together to a very quick on a trip to Taman Pertanian, Shah Alam which so natural that I finally concluded that “she is the one”.

Then in less than a year courtship, we planned to get married. We have many plans for a great future together. Both of us had come out of difficult past but fortunately with both of us having positive energy that resonates between us we feel that together we can overcome anything that comes our way.

We would like to thank Lunch Actually for giving us the opportunity to discover each other and wish to encourage others to have faith in finding the perfect partner. You’re a winner…”